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Cleaning Services

Below is a full list of all our cleaning services that we offer. If the service you’re looking for is not listed,
give us a call at (251) 979-4481. We’ll share our expertise, suggest a cleaning solution and resolve your problem.

We provide both residential and commercial cleaning services for the following:

Carpet Cleaning

✓ Tile & Grout Cleaning

Water Damage Restoration

✓  Marble and Travertine Floor Polishing

✓ Area Rug Cleaning

✓ Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

✓ Mattress Cleaning

✓ Vinyl Floor Cleaning

✓ Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration

✓ Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

✓ Wall Cleaning (FRP, Brick, Concrete, Limestone)

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We’ll quickly get back to you to discuss your options and schedule a cleaning time.