Defeating Mold and Mildew from Water Damage

//Defeating Mold and Mildew from Water Damage

Defeating Mold and Mildew from Water Damage

Gulf Shores Water Damage Restoration AlabamaGulf Shores Water Damage Restoration – Living on the coast, If you ever find your self with a flooded home, you will need to know how to deal with water damage.

In our last blog post about water damage, we outlined the plan of action you should take when you’re faced with a water damage situation. Gulf Shores water damage restoration should not be taken lightly – untreated mold and mildew can pose a threat to your family’s health, causing numerous ailments such as breathing difficulties and rashes. It’s crucial to take action immediately to mitigate the destruction of your property.

This post is specifically about what you need to do after water damage has occurred, which is equally as, if not more important than what you do as it is happening.

Gulf Shores Water Damage Restoration Tips

Detect the mold.

Sometimes mold can be visible, but it can also grow behind the scenes in air ducts, crawlspaces, rafters, and between walls. If you can’t see any mold, but you detect a noticeable musty earth smell, you most likely have mold growth that you can’t see.

Act quickly after discovering moisture.

Mold and mildew will begin developing within one to two days after exposure to moisture. Fungi will rapidly continue to grow until the moisture is thoroughly eradicated and the mold is exterminated.

Turn off electricity.

If any cables or electrical wiring are wet or moldy, shut the power off in the building before cleaning. Be smart and hire an electrician to examine the wiring before turning the electricity back on again.

Ventilate and dry the area.

If possible, ventilate the room as well as you can. You’ll want to dry the moldy or wet area as quickly as possible to prevent the mold from spreading. The longer you leave an area wet, the more likely mold will grow.

  • Open the room’s windows if the humidity outside is lower than inside.
  • Use fans to remove moisture only if mold has not started growing. Fans can spread mold spores to other areas.
  • Remove all wet items from the area, including furniture, carpets, toys, etc.
  • Throw away any moldy carpeting. Mold will be almost impossible to remove from the carpet fibers. All other items can be cleaned and disinfected separately.
  • Discard any contaminated food products. This means anything not sealed in a watertight container.

Remove moisture from walls and ceilings.Water Damage Restoration in Gulf Shores, Alabama

If the wall has been water damaged by a flood, you will need to remove all of the wet material, including insulation, wood by-products, and anything else porous.

  • Drywall is incredibly porous and should be replaced at the soonest sign of water damage.
  • Remove the wallboard to a foot above the water mark.
  • You can drain walls by removing the baseboard and drilling holes into the floor.
  • Make sure to check the interior of the wall for any hidden mold growth.

Size up the mold growth.

If you are faced with a significant amount of mold growth, consider hiring professional cleaners. Mold is very hazardous when being cleaned, because disturbing the mold will cause it to release spores.

  • Make sure that the area you are cleaning is well-ventilated.
  • Always wear gloves, a mask or respirator, and eye protection.

Clean hard surfaces.

Material such as metal, solid wood, plastic, and glass should be washed first with a non-ammonia soap and hot water. Use a stiff brush on rough surfaces such as concrete.

  • Use a wet-dry shop vacuum to remove standing water.
  • Disinfect all surfaces after cleaning with a 10{f8896342a157a8919fac7d5e5614e363255884c39350a33c967b87a4ad73fd02} bleach solution. Allow the solution to stay on the surface for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with clean water or drying.

Clean porous materials.

Upholstered furniture, clothing, bedding, rugs, carpets, books, and more are all porous items. If you can’t decide whether to keep a contaminated object or not, err on the side of caution and throw it out.

  • Clean the material and then disinfect with a pine-oil cleaner. Let the material dry completely. Monitor the material for several days after cleaning for any fungal growth or odors. If mold returns, be sure to discard the item.

Stop cleaning if you start exhibiting symptoms of mold exposure.

As soon as you start feeling adverse effects, stop what you are doing and consult a professional cleaning service. Signs include:

  • Breathing difficulties, including wheezing
  • Sinus congestion
  • Hacking cough
  • Eye irritation, redness
  • Bloody nose
  • Rashes or hives
  • Headaches, memory loss

Gulf Shores water damage restoration is something we hope you never have to deal with. It’s a dirty and difficult job, and if not done correctly, can cause you more problems down the road.

If you ever find yourself needing gulf shores water damage restoration, why not just call the professionals?  Kwik Dry can handle all of your Gulf shores water damage restoration projects.

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