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Floor to Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration

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Kwik Dry Floor to Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration proudly serves the residents and businesses of Gulf Shores, Alabama and surrounding areas; Orange Beach, Foley, Pensacola, and Perdido Key. We generously provide each of our clients with exceptional customer service and the cleanest ceilings, floors and surfaces possible. Learn about us here on our website or call us with any questions. We’re looking forward to giving you a cleaning experience worth talking about.

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Residential and Commercial
Carpet Cleaning​

Gulf Shores, AL

There are many different carpet cleaning methods, all of which will clean carpets. What separates Kwik Dry’s carpet cleaning from our competition is how well our process works. Below is our Ultimate 10-Step Cleaning Process. Check it out.

✓ Step 1: Pre-Inspection
A carpet cleaning experience worth talking about begins with a formal pre-inspection of the carpeting to be treated. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will inspect the particular areas of concern while noting carpet construction and soiling conditions. Any possible permanent staining will be brought to your attention.

✓ Step 2: Detail Vacuum
Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed to remove loose dry soils that would otherwise hinder our cleaning process.

✓ Step 3: Moving Furniture
Our carpet cleaning professional will carefully move any sofas, chairs or tables from the treatment area. Larger pieces of furniture such as dressers and beds are left in place under our normal pricing structure.

✓ Step 4: Pre-Treat & Apply All-Natural Cleaner
High-traffic areas and heavily soiled spots are pre-treated and our All-Natural Citrus Cleaner is applied to the carpet. This solution is safe for both children and pets.

✓ Step 5: Pre-Groom
Pre-grooming the carpet releases deeply imbedded dirt and loosens matted carpet fibers.

✓ Step 6: Extract Soil
Once the the soils have been loosened and brought to the surface, thick cloth pads absorb the dirt grime from your carpets.

✓ Step 7: Neutralize
pH levels are balanced on every carpet and fabric cleaned during the extraction process or a post-spray will be applied.

✓ Step 8: Post Spot Treatment
Remaining spots will be treated using special spotting techniques. *Potential permanent stains, as identified by the technician, may not be removed.

✓ Step 9: Groom Carpet
The treated carpet is groomed with a brush to leave it looking pristine and fresh.

✓ Step 10: Post Inspection
Once our work is finished, we ask if you would walk through your home or facility and carefully inspect the job. Signing our service receipt will let us know that you are pleased with the results.

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The key to our success is our All-Natural Citrus Cleaner, an oxygenated product that is made from orange, lemon, and grapefruit peels. If you’re a Gulf Shores homeowner, you want a carpet cleaning solution that is safe for children and pets, that’s why we use this solution in each one of our cleaning services.

Kwik Dry Cleaning Services of Gulf Shores

Carpet Cleaning

​Regardless of whether you own a home or a business, we’re the go-to carpet cleaning professionals in Gulf Shores. Kwik Dry serves both residential and commercial customers, providing the same high-quality clean no matter where we are. Are stains in your carpet not coming out? Unsure whether they’re permanent or treatable? Give us a call and we’ll assess the situation, obligation-free. Learn more about our carpet cleaning service.

Water Damage Restoration

Unexpected accidents and bad weather are just a part of life, and water damage in Gulf Shores is certainly nothing new. We’re here when life happens and to restore your home or facility back to the way you like it – dry and clean. But how exactly does the water restoration process work? While every water damage situation is unique, this quick rundown will explain the basic process you can expect when you need professional water mitigation services.

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✓ 24-Hour Emergency Service
Flood water damage repair starts with a phone call. We’re on-call 24 hours a day and ready arrive at your home or business as soon as possible. Immediate action is very important. A short delay of just a few hours can drastically increase the severity of damage. 

✓  Free On-Site Damage Assessment & Estimate
One of our Kwik Dry technicians will visit the property to assess the water damage. Moisture readings are performed to determine what is wet and measurements of the affected area are taken. Each step that we must execute to get your property dry and fully restored is thoroughly described and options are discussed.

✓  Water Extraction
Should you request work to be done immediately, our crew can begin the water extraction process and begin removing any standing water from the property.

✓ Rapid Drying
We use a variety of of drying equipment to pass hot dry air over and under the wet surfaces. This causes the moisture to evaporate into the air, at which point our dehumidifiers capture moisture and displace it safely outside your property.

✓ Cleaning & Sanitizing
To ensure that black mold does not start growing, we spray down the affected area with a powerful anti-microbial solution. This gives us time to properly dry out the structure before mold spores take root and cause more damage.

✓  Restoration
In the case that any walls were removed or carpeting was pulled, the final step is repairing and restoring the treated areas so that your home or business looks like new.

If you need professional water damage services you can trust, call us today at (251) 979-4481 for a free on-site assessment and cost estimate.

Tile and Grout Cleaning​

With the industry’s best tile and grout cleaning machine, through emulsification, pressure, heat and vacuuming, our tile and grout cleaning will bring back your floor’s natural beauty and shine. Our tile and grout cleaning service in Gulf Shores is nothing short of impressive. We clean many different floor types including tile, marble and travertine. Marble and travertine polishing is available upon request. If you’re downright frustrated with your floor’s appearance, then let us show you how Kwik Dry of Gulf Shores can restore your floors and other hard surfaces.

Click here to view a full list of our cleaning services.

Red Spots on Carpet

From time to time, mysterious light red spots will show up in carpets, especially in light-colored carpeting such as a beige carpet. A normal carpet steam cleaning won’t take these stains out so we use a different treatment to cure this strange phenomena.

We first treat the spot with a two-part spray and lay a damp white towel over the target area. Next, we carefully press a hot iron onto the towel for 15-30 seconds in multiple spots until the entire area has been heated by the iron. We continue this until the towel has absorbed the color and you are left with a spotless carpet.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration

​serving the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida

Kwik Dry has been operating along the Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast since 2014, serving residents and businesses in the surrounding areas. We provide our cleaning services for these Florida and Alabama communities (and every area in between):

Gulf Shores, AL

Orange Beach, AL

Foley, AL

Pensacola, FL

Perdido Key, FL