Commercial carpet steam cleaning is a popular commercial carpet cleaning method used by many companies in South Baldwin County, Alabama. Although this may be an often-requested cleaning procedure, there are other ways to clean your office, storefront or facility. We believe we provide a commercial carpet cleaning solution that is even better and faster.

Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning

No matter what kind of facility you are in, if it has carpets, they’re going to need cleaning. Especially those high-traffic areas. Maintaining the lifespan of your building’s carpets and upholstery is a smart investment. Imagine the cost of replacing all the carpeting in the hallways of a 5-story hotel. That’s a lotta dough. Instead, hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach will save your company from having to make these kinds of big reinvestments into your building.

More times than not, you don’t need a total cleaning of every square inch of your carpeted facility. That’s perfectly fine. At Kwik Dry, we provide what is called, “interim carpet cleaning” where we only clean the spots that need it the most. Talk about a smart investment.

As opposed to steam cleaning, we use Oscillating Pad Extraction. This is a low-moisture carpet cleaning technique. Highly recommended for commercial buildings, resorts and condos that are not extremely dirty, this method has a quicker drying time.

Kwik Dry’s “OP” commercial carpet cleaning consists of encapsulation with our All-Natural Citrus Cleaner, which is safe for children and pets – a great bonus if you operate a hotel or resort.