Your office should be a professional, inviting space. But, the wrong smell(s) can send any prospective client or employee heading for the doors!

The right smell in your office can make a tremendous difference. It can grab people’s attention and affect their mood greatly. It can make them comfortable or uncomfortable, depending on what they are smelling (i.e. flowers vs. musty trash).

Plus, there are documented benefits of aromatherapy, meaning you might get a boost out of the right smells too. Choosing the right fragrances can do a lot to make your office a place of positivity, productivity, and energy.

Here are three fragrances you need to use to make your office smell great…

1. Lavender
Lavender can add a light, floral scent to your office. It is calming and inviting, helping to create a sense of peace for anyone in your office. If you are in a high-stress environment, this can help whittle away at the overwhelming “sense of doom” and keep you focused without losing your mind.

Accompanied by flowers or other delicate decorations, you can create a zen atmosphere that will help you stay centered and focused.

2. Citrus
For the smell of clean, citrus fragrances are the way to go. They can help to create a peaceful, serene office environment. But, they also provide a sense of clean that other fragrances can’t match.

Citrus is a common fragrance in cleaners and is something many associate with cleaning products for that reason. When using it as a fragrance, it makes those who smell it feel that the room is cleaner (even if it isn’t); perception matters…

3. Cinnamon
If you need a burst of energy, cinnamon is a must-have – not in your coffee, in your office. It can help to wake you up and keep your mind energized. It’s a warm and inviting scent that works year-round (not just on the holidays). Cinnamon is well-documented to increase your sense of worth and well-being.

Choosing the right scent for your office depends on your needs and preferences. If your office is yours (without any foot traffic), then choose what makes you happy and productive. If you get a lot of visitors, consider what they’ll like the most and use it religiously (don’t overdo it). Scents can have a massive, undeniable impact on you and your visitors. The right scents can make you happier, friendlier, and more approachable – ready to try out a few new scents in your office?

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