When you are done with lying on the beach and are looking for something else to do on your vacation, Gulf Shores, Alabama has plenty to offer. There is far more to do in this popular vacation destination than just lounging on the beach. Consider these popular pastimes during your next trip.

Getting Close to Nature

Do you love nature? While the Gulf Shores, Alabama beach is a popular natural attraction of this region, it is not the only one. You can visit Alligator Alley to see some of the most ferocious modern reptiles in semi-natural habitats, learning about their conservation and all it takes to properly care for them. At the Biophilia Nature Center in nearby Elberta, you can see carnivorous plants, 20 acres of them to be exact, and other plants and wildlife native to the region. Mobile Bay offers Meaher State Park and its hiking trails and other opportunities to explore wildlife.

Of course, some of the most popular natural attractions of the area are the animals that call it home. The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is a public aquarium as well as estuaries, where you can see the animals that live both above and below the water up close and personal. Explore the Living marsh, feel some of these creatures in the hands-on Touch Tanks, and see baby invertebrates and vertebrates in the brackish water of the Mobile Bay estuary.

Historic Attractions

Not far from Gulf Shores, Alabama, you will find plenty of historic attractions and museums. For instance, Memorial Park in Mobile offers the chance to explore a World War II-era ship, submarine, and restored aircraft. You can also see the Carnival Museum, which highlights much of the history of Mardi Gras.

In Elberta, the Baldwin County Heritage Museum will help you understand and appreciate the heritage of the region where you are staying. If you want to explore Civil War sites, then take a trip to Historic Blakeley State Park, which was the home of the last major battle of the American Civil War. To see sites for even farther back in history, go to the Fort Mims Historic Site in nearby Stockton, where Creek Indians massacred over 500 pioneer settlers.

Shopping Opportunities

Shopping is another popular pastime in the Gulf Shores, Alabama region. The Outlet Center is one place you can shop, and you will love the lower prices and quality name brands. Spanish Fort is home to the Eastern Shore Centre, a modern mall with many popular retailers and a dancing water fountain where your kids can play. About 30 minutes north is Fairhope, Alabama. Known for its unique boutiques and galleries, you can shop local artisans and find special gifts and souvenirs. When it comes to shopping in and around this region, you are sure to find something that matches both your tastes and your budget.

Activities for Vacationers in Gulf Shores, Alabama

The south is a great part of the United States that too often goes unexplored. For less money, you can get the same value and great vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama that you would at any other popular city. The best part is that you won’t be competing with inflated prices and overcrowding, but there is still enough of a tourist market to provide plenty of entertainment and options. Here are just some of the things you can look forward to for your journey to the south coast.

When frolicking by the seaside gets tiresome, kids can have fun and make friends through organized activities. There are several summer camps in Gulf Shores, Alabama that can keep your children busy and ensure that they don’t end up parking in front of the television all day. Check out local recreation centers for information on sports camps or casual games such as baseball, tennis, and soccer.


The south doesn’t have the greatest reputation as a haven for the surfing crowd. But visit the area at the right time and you won’t necessarily be at a total loss. The winter and early spring provide some decent waves in Gulf Shores, Alabama. You definitely won’t have to battle many other surfers for a good grab. It can be a great way to squeeze in some practice. Try out some new moves without worrying about impressing the seasoned pros or losing your balance!

While not a place know for hot parties, there is definitely enough nightlife to satisfy most visitors to the area. There are several clubs and bars that host local bands, karaoke, and other activities that will keep you smiling and dancing throughout the evening. There are several free and low-cost options during the busy summer months, as well as gourmet restaurants, so you’ll never be at a loss for what to do.


Snapper, speckled trout, Spanish and king mackerel, and other varieties of fish can all be caught off the coast. Several charter boats offer services to visitors as well as private tours. Fishing is a great activity for the whole family. Many charter tours will offer complimentary cleaning and preparation of the caught fish. You just have to throw it on the grill! Most will supply all necessary fishing supplies so you don’t have to worry about packing yours. If fishing isn’t your bag, you can still enjoy the great views and pleasant breeze a boat trip offers.

There are many other exciting opportunities and attractions to be found in the seaside community. You can take a day-trip to Mobile and check out the scene, which includes several historical sites and museums. Take part in some shopping which includes a large outlet center in town. Check out the birding trail and practice your bird calls and identification skills. Or, you can always just lay back, work on yours, and not do much of anything at all.

Individuals come from all across the nation to play golf in Alabama. If you have a specific course you want to take on while here, set up your reservations in advance. Some seasons are busier than others. You don’t want to get all the way down there only to find that nothing is available. Be sure to plan ahead when you’re scheduling activities for vacationers in Gulf Shores, Alabama.