Carpet cleaning in Orange Beach Alabama is a service we offer at Kwik Dry Inc. We use various methods for providing the best cleaning results. The methods vary depending on the kind of the carpet and stains as well. Thick carpets require a thorough cleaning because of the dirt that settles in the bottom fiber of the carpet. Cleaning only the surface would cause the dust to emerge again in a short period of time which makes that cleaning process a waste of effort.

Methods of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Orange Beach Alabama

Kwik Dry Inc can  offer you exactly what you need for professional carpet cleaning in Orange Beach Alabama. Depending on the state of your carpet, it will be cleaned using one of the following five carpet cleaning methods. T

Professional Carpet Cleaning Method 1: Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction, also known as HWE, is a popular method. Professionals consider HWE to be the most effective, and it offers deep cleaning of any carpet. This method is implemented with use of special equipment.  The machine sprays heated water on the carpet. The water is simultaneously vacuumed up, pulling out dirt and dust. The water is sometimes mixed with specific cleaning solutions, depending on the type of stains which need to be cleaned. It takes about four hours for a carpet to dry off after it’s been cleaned.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Method 2: Shampooing

The second method and certainly the least popular one is carpet shampooing. This method is more common among amateurs and people who want to wash up their carpets in the backyard. Even though this method can clean heavily soiled carpets, it is less common among professionals. There is a lot of foam in the process and no water rinsing which means the carpet can remain a bit sticky. It also takes a while for the carpet to dry off after this type of cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Method 3: Encapsulation

The next method of carpet cleaning in Orange Beach Alabama is encapsulation. Introduced in 1970, this new technology easily beat the previous method in carpet cleaning. Encapsulation uses synthetic detergents which crystallize and collect dust and dirt. When the solution dries, a vacuum is used, taking the dirt with it.  This method calls for shorter drying time because of less water used. However, even though it is environmentally friendly, this method cannot be used for cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Method 4:  Bonnet Cleaning

The fourth carpet cleaning method is bonnet cleaning. This method offers good surface cleaning using a motorized machine with a cleaning solution. It’s the most popular method in commercial settings because it offers a quick clean up without much hassle. However, it cannot clean the fiber thoroughly so the dust will emerge back on top quickly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Method 5:  Dry or Compound Cleaning

Last but not least is the latest technology in carpet cleaning, so called dry or compound cleaning. This method offers both effective cleaning and a quickly dried carpet. This method uses a cleaning compound applied to the bottom of a carpet using a motorized brush. The rotation of the brush opens up fibers. The compound settles in and picks out all the dirt and dust. This special equipment offers an in depth cleaning service which is 100{f8896342a157a8919fac7d5e5614e363255884c39350a33c967b87a4ad73fd02} safe and quick.

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There’s a lot more to carpet cleaning than renting a poor quality machine from your local home improvement store. Why not leave it to the professionals? We have the expertise and professional equipment to make your carpet as clean as it can be? When you need professional carpet cleaning in Orange Beach Alabama, call Kwik Dry.

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