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Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration

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Ceiling Cleaning / High Dusting

Since ceilings are overhead, they accumulate dirt unnoticed. Over time, this dirt sticks permanently, causing your ceiling to lose its original color, making it look unattractive and potentially hazardous to occupants. The accumulated dust on the ceiling posses health risks, as dust is can interfere with the human respiratory system.

To avoid this, the ceiling cleaners at Kwik Dry restore your ceilings to as clean as new, reverting them back to their original color. It doesn’t matter the type of ceiling you have – whether it’s Acoustic tile, Vinyl tile, open beam, metallic or wooden.

Some walls and ceilings are too high to be cleaned by the average person without the right equipment. This where Kwik Dry comes to your rescue.

Ceiling Restoration

Many individuals and businesses take ceiling restoration to mean repainting. This is a misnomer. Painting does not provide a long-lasting solution to a dull-looking ceiling. Instead, restoration is your answer to a long-term investment in your ceilings.

At Kwik Dry we use the strongest, environmentally friendly natural citrus cleaners. They remove all the grit, grease and grime and leave your ceiling looking new again.