Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Service in Foley, Alabama

Since 2014, Kwik Dry Floor to Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration has been serving the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in South Baldwin County. Shortly thereafter, we decided to expand our service area into Foley, Alabama where we provide the same “How can we help you?” kind of friendly and professional cleaning service.

Kwik Dry Floor to Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration is Foley, Alabama’s go-to residential and commercial cleaning service. Our cleaning professionals provide the highest quality cleaning and restoration services to homeowners and businesses in Foley and surrounding areas.

We use the exclusive Kwik Dry cleaning system, featuring an All-Natural Citrus Cleaner that is SAFE for kids and pets and dries in about an hour (for carpets).

We’re proudly serving the residents and businesses of Foley, offering services such as:

✦ Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning Service Foley, Alabama
✦ Tile and Grout Cleaning
✦ Water Damage Restoration
✦ Marble and Travertine Floor Polishing
✦ Area Rug Cleaning
✦ Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning
✦ Mattress Cleaning
✦ Hardwood Floor Renewal
✦ Vinyl Floor Cleaning
✦ Ceiling Cleaning
✦ Ceiling Restoration
✦ Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
✦ Wall Cleaning (FRP, Brick, Concrete, Limestone)


Whatever your needs may consist of, we’re the cleaning service in Foley, Alabama that can get the job done right and on-time.

Cleaning Service Foley, Alabama

Our cleaning service Foley, Alabama offers more than just regular carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. We provide a wide range of cleaning services here at Kwik Dry. From ceiling tile cleaning to furniture and kitchen restaurant cleaning.

Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning Gulf Shores, Alabama

Another high quality procedure offered by our cleaning service in Foley, Alabama is ceiling tile cleaning. The ceiling often gets neglected in the whole cleaning process but nonetheless its crucial to keep it clean. Water damage on ceilings should be dealt with immediately. If such damage is prolonged, greater damage, such as parts of the ceiling peeling off, can occur. Even if the water damage is not that big, you would still be left with water spots which can ruin the appearance of your house or apartment. Other types of stains are not excluded as professional cleaning services are there to take care of almost anything!

Ceiling tiles also require a lot of maintenance such as cleaning from time to time. Stained or dirty ceiling tiles ruin the image of the space, which is especially important if we are talking about a commercial setting. Ceiling tiles can be cleaned using several methods using different cleaning solutions. It is not recommended for amateurs to try to apply these solutions by themselves for they are very dangerous and require special use. Many of the solutions offered by professional services cannot even be bought in stores which limits the possibilities of people effectively dealing with this issue on their own.

 Hire a Kwik Dry professional to deal with any cleaning problem you may have, from your carpet to the ceiling!

A good cleaning service offers free estimates, friendly customer service and professional execution. Kwik Dry covers all the above. The next time you’re searching for cleaning service Foley, Alabama, whether it be for your carpets, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture or anything else in your home, call Kwik Dry and experience the difference. (251) 979-4481.