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​Since 2014, Kwik Dry Floor to Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration has been serving Foley, Alabama. Our Foley cleaning service provides residents and businesses with high-quality, professional cleaning services.

​We offer the following cleaning services in Foley, Alabama:

​✓ Carpet Cleaning

✓ Tile and Grout Cleaning

✓ Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

✓ Hardwood Floor Cleaning + Renewal

✓ Vinyl Cleaning

✓Ceiling Cleaning

✓ Ceiling Restoration

✓ Construction/Remodel Final Cleaning

and more…

Effective Carpet Cleaning in Foley, Alabama

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

There are many different carpet cleaning techniques and procedures. Your question is, “Which one is the most effective?”

The six most commonly used methods of carpet cleaning will all clean carpet – there’s just different ways to do the same job.

1. Absorbent Compounds

Remember when you were in grade school and one of your friend’s got sick in the hallway on that old VCT tile. Usually the janitor came through with a bucket of stuff that looked like sand, threw it on top of the mess and swept it up. That’s an absorbent compound. Kitty litter is another example. There are synthetic and natural absorbent compounds. The cleaning benefits of this method is a fast drying time.

2. Dry Foam

Dry foam is put into a carpet cleaning machine which applies the foam to the carpet. The foam absorbs the soil and then is extracted by the machine.

3. Absorbent Pad or Bonnet Cleaning

An absorbent pad or bonnet can be used in a couple different ways. You could have your detergent in a bucket, dip the pads into the bucket and place it on the floor. From there you would use a rotary machine to clean with the pad, agitating and absorbing the soil. For drying the carpets, using a cotton bonnet would act as a rotating bath towel that soaks up the water. The downside to using absorbent pads is the frequent need to be flipped over and changed to use the clean side. The upside is high productivity.

4. Rotary Shampoo

The oldest carpet cleaning method, rotary shampooing was one of the only carpet cleaning options before steam cleaning came into the picture. The cleaning solution would be placed into the tank with water and shower-fed through a tube into the brush. The carpet brushing mechanism at 175 RPM creates foam that attacks the soil. This would be followed dry vacuuming once the carpet had dried.

5. Encapsulation Cleaning

An old method that been brought back with new chemistry, a pre-spray is applied either through a hand pump or by an encapsulation machine. This pre-conditioner is brushed into the carpeting with counter-rotating brushes and then allowed to dry in the carpet itself. It crystalizes around the soil and a day or two later, the encapsulated soil is dry vacuumed. This is a very popular commercial carpet cleaning method today.

6. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

Hot water extracting machines are either portable like a Rug Doctor or Bissell, or they will be mounted in a truck, the latter used by carpet cleaning professionals. The heat is what makes this method the most versatile.

“Which method do you use?”

At Kwik Dry, we use Oscillating Pad Extraction. This low-moisture carpet cleaning method is highly recommended for commercial buildings, apartments and condos, or residential homes that aren’t as soiled or are looking for a quicker drying time than steam cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

Kwik Dry’s OP carpet cleaning consists of encapsulation with our All-Natural Citrus Cleaner, which is safe for children and pets.

We agitate the carpeting with the oscillating pads and extract the cleaner and soil into micro-fiber pads.

Finally, we dry vacuum the carpet to remove any leftover soils and leave your floors looking brand-new.

Why We Use Oscillating Pads

✓  Oscillating Pad carpet cleaning machines are the best machines for pre-scrubbing before hot water extraction; it loosens soil and spreads pre-spray like no other machine out there.

✓ Rotary bonneting doesn’t compare to the absorbent OP padding. It is much more efficient

✓ The agitation supplied by OP along with hot water extraction or steam cleaning is another way to completely strip the carpet fibers clean, removing all the soils and spots.

✓ For banks or commercial clients that like “closed door” security, OP allows us to lock up the building while we are working.

✓ OP is known for its ability to stop wick-backs while cleaning carpets where there has been a water damage ring, or where beverages have been spilled.

✓ When we have only a section of carpet needing cleaned, long hoses from a truck-mounted system can be a hassle. Instead, we can simply clean the area with our oscillating machine and not have to pull hoses for small jobs.

✓ Have a high rise apartment or condo? We won’t have to string hoses up the stairwell or up the side of the building. It’s great for you and us.

✓ Cleaning with low moisture allows for a fast carpet drying time without the use of fans.

✓ ​Since we don’t have a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, running out of gas and break-downs are less likely to occur saving you and us time and headaches.