You probably never expected to get asked that question…

  • Is it every time you clean?
  • Every few months?
  • Every few years?
  • Have they ever been cleaned?

Most people have never cleaned their ceilings. Even if they do, it is not done properly. When you clean, you focus on what you see in front of you – tables, chairs, floors, countertops, etc. Anything hidden or above your normal eye-level gets ignored.

Which means cobwebs, dust, and whatever else is up there will only get worse. In the end, you have a massive mess on your ceilings that could lead to respiratory issues or cause pests to feel welcome.

Clean Those Ceilings

Admittedly, everyone wants to have a clean and inviting home. A clean home is a place where you can lay back and relax – until you look up. You shouldn’t skip your ceilings!

When you look up, you see the cobwebs, you see the dust, you see the problem – but who wants to clean the ceilings when everything else has already been cleaned? So you wait until the next time, and you forget it again (it’s a never-ending cycle).

Dirty ceilings look bad, but they can affect your health too. Leaving dirt and dust around can have a negative impact on your health, your focus, and even your social life. If you haven’t cleaned your ceilings, it’s time to start.

How Often Should You Clean The Ceilings?

Cleaning your ceilings is not an everyday event. Unlike the floors and countertops, you aren’t leaving food, clothes, and dirty shoes on the ceiling – hopefully not! The biggest concern you’ll have is dust and cobwebs; dust really likes to show up around air vents and cobwebs end up in the corners.

It takes a little while for this to become a real problem. A good recommended schedule is every second or third month. This is a good way to keep the mess on the ceiling to a minimum without becoming overwhelming.

How To Clean The Ceilings

A rag, duster, or specialty product will work fine for most ceilings. There are products out there designed for cleaning ceilings and other high areas. They limit your risk and physical exertion.

Simply clean areas with buildup and look for corners and hidden parts of the ceiling, like those with a lamp in the way. Usually, it does not take a lot of effort to clean off the dust and cobwebs; any product with the reach will do the trick. Remember to do this every few months and it will get easier – the first clean is the worst.

Ceilings can hold a lot of dirt, dust, and cobwebs from years of being neglected. Cleaning them every few months can help keep your home looking good. If you don’t feel up to the task, give us a call today and let us help with your ceiling cleaning and restoration needs.

Not only can we clean your ceilings, but we’ll make sure everything else looks great too!