No matter the effort, time, and products you put into it, your grout continues to look like dirt. It remains dark and the coloring is inconsistent. It looks awful and you are out of ideas for what to do. Nothing you are trying works!

You are not alone – everyone runs into this issue. Grout will, inevitably, start to look dirty. It is going to soak up everything it comes in contact with and eventually become discolored. White grout soon turns muddy, if not entirely black, from dirt, mud, grime, and spills. It looks bad and you can’t ignore it.

The original color of your grout may be white, brown, or grey. Usually, the original grout looks fantastic and matches your tile (and environment). Over time, grout starts to darken as it ages and gets dirty. Regardless of its original color, it starts to look bad and makes an otherwise stellar room look unappealing.

Grout is rough and porous, which can make it easy to soak up dirt and stains easy; this includes mop water. Cleaning grout is not as easy as previously thought. In fact, common cleaning practices can actually make things worse.

Professional Grout Cleaning

Professional grout cleaning is the best option to home and office when the grout just won’t clean up, or you want it done right the first time. Kwik Dry has all the cleaning supplies, equipment, and experience to finish the job quickly and leave your rooms looking immaculate.

When you let the professionals clean that hard to remove grout, it will be clean when finished and you will not have wasted all that time and energy trying to do it yourself. If you want it to look brand new, hire a professional cleaning service.

If you are ready to restore the grout in your home or business to its previous beauty and luster, it’s time to give us a call today at 251-979-4481.