Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning in Foley, Alabama by Kwik Dry

Hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning in Foley, Alabama is mandatory when it comes to commercial settings. Grout is the cement between tiles used to keep them in place and prevent liquids from leaking under the flooring. It sounds very useful, which it is, but it comes with a great price, cleaning it is a real struggle. You can always rely on tips and tricks that can help you clean your tile grout on your own, however, you can never do as good of a job as professionals, and here is why.

Dirty Tile Is Unsanitary

Tile and grout must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Bacteria and hazardous fungi that gather on it in both kitchens and bathrooms. However, it is easier said than done. Grout stains easily and changes color very quickly. Since it is of a different material than the tiles, simple cleaning of the tiles with a mop and detergent won’t do it for the grout. It will stay dirty no matter how many times you clean the tiles. In fact, adding more and more tile cleaning solutions to it just increases the chances of bacteria multiplying and spreading.

So, if you want to take care of the grouts you need to devote time to them specifically. Even if you use the right solution, it will take you too much time to go over the whole surface, depending on the size of the room. Going around sides of each tile and scrubbing is a tough labor that can be easily avoided by hiring a professional service. It would also be very painful for you to stay in such position for a longer period of time.

scrubbing tile and grout cleaning in foley, alabamaCleaning Dirty Tile is Hard Work

That’s why hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning in Foley, Alabama is the best choice. Professionals use special solutions that help break the bacteria barrier and clean the grout thoroughly. They also use equipment such as machines that can get the job done a hundred times faster than you scrubbing on your knees. Hiring a professional is definitely a well worth it investment.

After having your tile and grout professionally cleaned, you will need to maintain it in order to slow down the bacteria gathering process. Using a mixture of baking soda and water often helps deal with the grout residue for a shorter period of time. Doing it regularly will definitely help preserve the looks of your tiles in general. Saving yourself the trouble is the key point when it comes to grout cleaning because it is really a difficult task. However, no matter how difficult it is, it will never be too difficult for professional tile and grout cleaning in Foley, Alabama for they utilize the machine and equipment that can definitely enhance the process and therefore the results as well.

Remember, cleaning your grout is not the same thing as cleaning your tile for those are two completely different materials and require different type of solutions and cleaning techniques. Grout is made of cement which is a needy material when it comes to cleaning!