Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Service

While a clean home consists of spotless floors and surfaces, clean furniture and upholstery cleaning is also just as important for not only looks, but also minimizing allergens and dust in your house.

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning Service Gulf Shores, Alabama

Why should I hire a professional upholstery cleaning service?

Many homeowners will attempt to clean furnishings by going straight to steam cleaning or try to just use a bottle of oxiclean and get to it. However, excess water or a strong type of detergent may create problems with your furniture. Delicate and unique fabrics require distinct cleaning solutions and proper cleaning methods. This is why hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service is your best bet when it comes to tackling the meticulous task of cleaning upholstery and other furnishings around your home.

We clean the following types of furniture and furnishings: ​

✓ Fabric, synthetic or natural couches and sofas ​

✓ Drapes of all fabrics ​

✓ Mattresses

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Gulf Shores, Alabama
Upholstery Cleaning in Gulf Shores, Alabama

​We know how much heat to apply, which type of cleaning products to use, and whether the fabric must be wet or dry cleaned.

Since many types of upholstery usually have cotton padding inside, we know how to remove dirt and stains without melting the fibers inside.

​It is also important to understand the different kinds of stains and how to clean them. This is particularly handy to learn beforehand, as stains get often become permanent when not acted upon.

Upholstery Gets Dirty

Upholstery Cleaning Service Gulf Shores, Alabama

As much as possible, we want to keep our homes clean. Spotless floors, dustless windows, clean dishes, fragrant bathrooms, tidy bedrooms; who doesn’t want those, right? Sometimes, we clean on purpose, sometimes we don’t. Maybe we have a visitor, have nothing to do or just really felt like cleaning. Whichever it may be, it is a must to keep the interior of our houses clean, not simply just for looks – a clean living environment is essential to good health.

​Whether you own a home, a condo or office here in Gulf Shores, guests notice the cleanliness of your home and establishment and form an opinion of you or your business based on what they see. As a necessary part of our homes, offices and commercial establishments, we must maintain the cleanliness and quality of our upholstery and furniture.

But why must they always be kept clean? For one, a clean environment gives off a better atmosphere and feel to a space. This is sometimes overlooked and simply cleaning your furniture can change how your space looks. Furniture upholstery gets worn out over time with daily usage. As time passes, dirt and other soils such as pet dander are accumulating in the fabrics.

In order to mitigate this accumulation of dirt and impurities, the upholstery must be cleaned regularly – not just when you or a family member spills a drink on the sofa. Having your furniture professionally cleaned will not only save you from buying new replacements for the ruined ones, but also from the headaches and hassles of tying to clean your furnishings yourself. If cleaned with the wrong procedures and solutions, you may end up causing more damage and wear to your furniture, shortening its useful lifespan.

Different Cleaning Methods for Different Types of Furniture

Upholstery Cleaning Gulf Shores, Alabama

Nowadays, furniture is made with many different materials and components. Your tables and chairs may be made of polished wood. Steel and plastic furniture are now common furniture materials. Some are padded with fabrics or textiles, others are covered with leather or artificial leather.
If you own couches, sofas, and love seats padded with textile fabrics, you’ll notice that regularly vacuuming them isn’t sufficient to make them look like they are clean.

Stain Cleaning Emergency Tips

For urine and other bodily fluids: try to immediately remove as much of the liquid from the furniture, sprinkle baking soda, and spray an equal part mixture of distilled water and white vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used, but as in large quantities it can cause staining, it is advised to apply it sparingly. Bodily fluids are the hardest to remove of all stains due to its oil-based nature, and are best cleaned as soon as possible.
Mattress Cleaning Gulf Shores, Alabama

Mattress Cleaning

You probably didn’t know professional mattress cleaning was even a thing. Thankfully, it is and it’s one of our cleaning specialties. More importantly, now you don’t have to clean that nasty stain on your mattress – we’ll do it for you.

Even if your mattress doesn’t have a visible stain on the surface, it collects dirt and dust like you wouldn’t believe.

​”But I shower every night before sleeping on my bed,” you might say. Of course, but soils will still accumulate over time. Mattresses can also be a storehouse of pollen and other allergens. This in itself is reason enough to have your mattresses cleaned every 1-2 years by a professional cleaning service.

Keeping household furniture clean is no easy task, and by no means should you skimp on it. If you want your upholstery  and décor to last for a long period of time, it would be wise to learn on how to eliminate dirt from your upholstery and furniture the right way. Making a mistake while cleaning may cost you if you were not fully aware of how to handle the problem. ​Having them cleaned by professionals will also save you time and money.

IMPORTANT: Consider where these pieces of furniture are also placed. Fabric-based furnitures subjected to sunlight have a higher chance of fading.

Take a look at your home’s furniture and consider contacting a professional to clean your furnishings periodically. To ensure that the quality of the furniture is not compromised, and for a more thorough cleaning, hire a cleaning service every 6-12 months.

Our cleaning experts here at Kwik Dry have years of experience and seasoned knowledge on upholstery cleaning and furniture. We also know how to restore some damaged surfaces depending on the severity. Call us today at (251) 979-4481 or fill out the quick form below to get an upholstery cleaning estimate today.